Danish Professors visited ESALQ

Danishes presented their researches to ESALQ students and faculty members

Aiming to discuss about anaerobic biogestion, greenhouse gas emission and impacts of biowaste application in the field, the Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture (USP/ESALQ) and the Center of Nuclear Energy in Agriculture (CENA) welcomed, on November 4th, the visit of the Program of Danish Delegation.

In the occasion, four members from different universities of Denmark presented lectures and visited some facilities of “Luiz de Queiroz” campus. “The visit shows that ESALQ has international visibility on interest issues. This also shows that the excellence in research opens doors for our students to have access to laboratories and projects internationally recognized”, commented Professor Thiago Romanelli, president of ESALQ International Relations Committee.

Throughout the day in the institution, the Danishes met the laboratory of biogeochemistry and the Animal Nutrition Department, at CENA, and also the Soil Science Department, at ESALQ. “We came here to share our studies and to meet the university. In our researches, we discovered that when we use animal manure, the benefits are more efficient than using fertilizers and it is great to the farmer and the society. What we are doing here is helping to reduce pollution and, at the same time, showing that animal manure can be a good source of energy production”, said Sven G. Sommer, PhD in Agronomy (University of Southern Denmark/Aarhus University).

The researchers were welcomed by the Vice-Dean, Professor Durval Dourado Neto, and the entire visit was followed by professor Adriana Pinheiro Martinelli, president of CENA International Relations Committee; professor Adibe Luiz Abdalla; professor Carlos Clemente Cerri; professor Miguel Cooper and professor Thiago Romanelli.

Danish Researchers – Prof. Sven G. Sommer, PhD in Agronomy (University of Southern Denmark/Aarhus University) talked about “Ammonia emission from manure during storage and after application in the field”. Prof. Soren O. Petersen, from the Department of Agroecology of Aarhus University, presented about “Nitrous oxide emission from biowaste applied in fields”. ” Environmental issues related to application of biowaste in the field” were discussed by Prof. Sander Bruun, from de Department of Environmental Sciences, Section for Plant and Soil Sciences of University of Copenhagen. Together, Sommer and Petersen presented about “Greenhouse Gas Emission from biowaste management”. Henrik B. Moller, from Institut for Ingeniørvidenskab, was also presente with the delegation.


Written by: Ana Carolina Brunelli
Proofread by: Caio Albuquerque
Translated by: Giovanni Augusto Rocha
Proofread by: Alexandre Joviniano dos Santos
Photo by: Gerhard Waller
Acom (ESALQ’s Office of Communications)
November 6th, 2015