The undergraduate program in Administration involves basic subjects such as mathematics, statistics, law, accounting, sociology, philosophy, psychology and ethics; more specific subjects such as production management and control, capital markets, financial mathematics, logistics, finance, information  systems,  human resources and marketing; and disciplines in areas related to economics, environment, business management, international trade, agribusiness and family farming.

Job opportunities

The Administrators are responsible for strategic planning and management routines of  various types of organizations. They are professionals who develop  projects, studies, audits and analyses for planning, control and coordination of activities in areas such as general management, entrepreneurship, , corporate governance, strategy, human resources, management information systems,  logistics, materials and supplies, finance, marketing, and industrial processes.

Esalq/USP Administration graduates can be employed across all sectors, including all types and sizes of industries and service companies (trade, transportation, medical care, hospitality and sports), industrial-related entities, retail and wholesale business, foreign trade, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government agencies, management consultancy enterprises, and financial institutions. In addition, Esalq/USP students can take advantage of courses focusing on the agribusiness field of specialization.

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Picture by Gerhard Waller (USP/ESALQ - Acom)