• Research carried out by faculty and students from USP/ESALQ aim to provide knowledge, qualify human resources and spread innovative technology to transform society.
  • In its 113 years of history, USP/ESALQ has graduated over 14,000 students. It was also the first USP academic unit to offer a graduate program in 1964.
  • Faculty, students and administrative and technical staff develop their activities in a high quality academic environment of education and research.


ESALQ strengthens international relations at graduation

ESALQ currently has 71 international academic agreements with 28 different countries, and countries with higher activity are Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Denmark

ESALQ welcomes foreign students
Foreign students were welcomed at the university, while alumni are awarded abroad
USP ranked 5th in Agricultural Sciences by U.S. News ranking
Universities were evaluated based on their reputation and field research
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