• Research carried out by faculty and students from USP/ESALQ aim to provide knowledge, qualify human resources and spread innovative technology to transform society.
  • In its 113 years of history, USP/ESALQ has graduated over 13,900 students. It was also the first USP academic unit to offer a graduate program in 1964.
  • Faculty, students and administrative and technical staff develop their activities in a high quality academic environment of education and research.


ESALQ celebrates 50 years of Graduate Studies
Formal ceremony and alumni meeting with The Ohio State University also celebrated the longstanding partnership
Student from ESALQ lived for one year in Australia
Isabela de Freitas Correa is undergraduate student of Biological Sciences
ESALQ establishes new partnerships with European institutions
Development of research on seed technologies is common goal for Brazil, the Netherlands and England
Graduate student from ESALQ achieves first double degree diploma of the program
Izabela Regina Cardoso de Oliveira has developed statistical studies in a Belgian university
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