Our mission is to form professionals with a holistic vision and leadership skills for excellence in Entomology and Acarology, and to generate and disseminate knowledge to meet the demands of society for sustainable solutions of problems involving insects and mites. Our Graduate Program in Entomology is pioneer in the field and has been playing a significant role in the development of educational and research centers throughout Brazil since the program was established (1968 for MSc; 1972 for PhD). Moreover, PPG in Entomology has consolidated its path in the pursuit of excellence and international recognition by being graded with the highest score (7) by CAPES in the triennal assessment of Graduate Programs.

Degrees and time to completion

The program offers the degrees of Master and Doctor in Sciences, both full-time, and the maximum time to completion is 30, 48 and 60 months respectively for the Master, Doctor and Straight-through Doctor degree programs.

Research fields

  • Arthropod-plant-microorganism interactions
  • Integrated pest management strategies
  • Taxonomy and bioecology

How to Apply

Application deadlines and checklist

Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations

Theses and dissertations defended at the University of São Paulo starting in 2001 have been made available for online research and download. The project is associated with the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD), sponsored by UNESCO and provides the option of browsing the Entomology program catalog by thesis, dissertation, author or college.

Program Coordinator

José Maurício Simões Bento
Department of Entomology and Acarology
Phone: (55)(19) 3429-4166, extension 243