1st Semiannual Meeting of ESALQ International Students

Students share experiences about exchange

Aiming to share knowledge and experiences of exchange, students from ESALQ and from international institutions gathered last Thursday, November 5th, at the 1st Semiannual Meeting of ESALQ International Students. The event was directed to undergraduate and graduate students.

In total, 11 students gave lectures sharing their experiences about 19 institutions from 11 different countries. Therefore, the participants of the event could clear their doubts in thematic tables. The International Office team was also present helping the students interested in exchange, clearing doubts about available resources, double degree programs and other questions related to internationalization.

To Alexandre Joviniano dos Santos, head of the international office, the value of the event is in give to the students the notion that doing an exchange is not an absurd or a distant thing. "The idea is to leave an open channel, not only to the office, but between the students, so they can seek for the information they want and make contacts with people that will eventually clarify any question"  he said.

Luis Fernando Bispo e Camila Dainese went to Australia as part of Science Without Borders Program, and they could share their knowledge. In his lecture, Bispo, student of Forestry that went to the University of New South Wales, told his experiences until arrive in the new country, his stories, disciplines he took and his interaction with the society. “This meeting is really important, because we can see different perspectives according to each country and what each student did. Participating in events like this can give a bigger notion of what to do when we get in the foreign country”, exposed.

Student of Agriculture, Camila went to the University of Queensland, between February and December of 2014. She exposed the positive and negative points according to her opinion, talked about its structure and the reasons why she chose Australia. “They have a very good and structured reception to exchange students and they do very interesting field trips in some disciplines, but, at the same time, they require the students to work hard”, exemplified Camila.


Written by: Alessandra Postali
Proofread by: Alicia Nascimento Aguiar
Translated by: Giovanni Augusto Rocha
Proofread by: Alexandre Joviniano dos Santos
Photo by: Gerhard Waller
Acom (ESALQ’s Office of Communications)
November 5th, 2015