USP/ESALQ’s undergraduate program in Economics aims to prepare a unique professional in this field. Beyond the ability to perform the tasks ordinarily expected from economists, USP/ESALQ’s graduates have solid economic background to deal with specific economic problems related to agricultural production, processing, environmental issues and regional development.

USP/ESALQ’s economists are prepared to handle complex problems related to various aspects of Agribusiness, a sector which represents over 30% of Brazil’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The course design incorporates sound theoretical and applied economic training and gives the students a solid education in quantitative and computational methods, principles of sustainable development and natural resources management.

Job Opportunities

  • Private companies involved in production, processing and services related to food and/or raw materials produced in agriculture;
  • Banks and other financial institutions;
  • Insurance, trading, brokerage, commodities and stocks exchanges companies;
  • Federal, state or local government administration or institutions.

In these areas, economists from USP/ESALQ will be able to work as analysts, consultants, specialists, managers of government and private companies.

Openings Duration
40 students/year 8 semesters

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Picture by Fabiano Pereira (USP/ESALQ - Acom)